San Diego Polo Club Visits Desert Polo Clubs

San Diego Polo Club Players and Members headed out to Indio, California for a weekend of polo, socializing and fun!

Some of us kicked off the weekend stick and balling on Friday evening at Eldorado Polo Club with Kyle Fargey.  The rest of us headed out on Saturday morning to participate in a group lesson with Erik Wright of Wrightway Polo.

Ken Vallens

Jessica Summer & Joan Burton

After a couple chukkers at Empire Polo Club, we headed over to the Cantina at Eldorado Polo Club for lunch.  We enjoyed a professional polo match from the patio of the Cantina… wow, what a view!

To end the day, we celebrated at Empire Polo Club‘s Blue and White Argentine themed party.  Guests were encouraged to dress in the country’s colors.  Fire pits kept us warm as we watch the Argies cook up the traditional asado meal.  We ran into San Diego players Miguel Guiterrez, Mariano Gutierrez, Rick and Robin Paicius, Graham Bray, Jesse Bray, Nourdean Anakar, Colleen Wilson, Ellen Greenhill, Kimo Huddleston and his family, Billy Ramos, the Brumby Family, and Erik Wright and his family.  San Diego members danced the night away!

Colleen Wilson, Madeline Gere, Nourdean Anakar, Heather Chronert, Lindsey Chronert

Mercedes Mafara & Holly McGlinn

Lindsey Chronert & Mercedes Mafara

Sonya Berg

Madeline Gere & Darlene Leivonen

Jessica Summer, Amy Irving, Brenda Phillips, Holly McGlinn, Linda Drabova, Angessa Hughmanick

Linda Drabova, Jessica Summer & Angessa Hughmanick

Amy Irving, Holly McGlinn, Mercedes Mafara

Debbie Bray, Graham Bray, Colleen Wilson

Sunday morning we met at Eldorado Polo Club and had a fantastic lesson with Kyle Fargey.  We were split into teams and played a few coached chukkers.

Linda Drabova, Amir Mojaver, Amy Irving

Holly McGlinn

Calvin Dalton, Holly McGlinn, Linda Drabova, Paul Morriseau, Amy Irving, Mercedes Mafara, Amir Mojaver

We finished off the day with lunch and Sunday Polo!

Angessa Hughmanick & Calvin Dalton

Jesse Bray, Alvaro Tadeo, Mariano Fassetta, Ron Bonaguidi (Hanalei Bay from San Diego!)

Photos Courtesy of Jim Bremner, Amy Irving & Lacey Winterton.

San Diego Polo Hits the Desert for Opening Weekend- Are you IN?

Alright, San Diegans, you have waited long enough.  We have teamed up with the Eldorado Polo Club and Empire Polo Club to bring you a fabulous Opening Weekend in the desert!  Mark your calendars for January 6-8 and find out more details below.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush green fields, the Indio, CA is a perfect winter polo destination.  The best part is, you’ll know these guys!  A lot of our members truck their horses and teams out to Indio for the season to participate in matches, and come back in late spring to play in San Diego.

If you are interested in participating in lessons, please see the lessons and prices marked in red and contact Lindsey for more details.

Here are the weekend details:

When:  Opening Weekend- January 6-8, 2012
Where: Indio, CA.  Empire Polo Club & Eldorado Polo Club
Everyone is responsible for his or her own transportation and hotel reservations.

FRIDAY, January 6, 2012- arrival in late afternoon/evening

  • Check into Preferred Hotel– Indian Palms Resort; SDPC and EPC has a special rate of $119/night (2 night min, no cancellation) or $149/night (2 night min, 7 day cancellation).
  • Other Hotel Options: Embassy Suites $119/night or La Quinta Resort $170/night- use EPC code.

SATURDAY, January 7, 2012

  • 10am- 12pmMorning Intermediate Polo Lesson from Kimo and Erik Wright from Wrightway Polo at Empire Polo Club- $125 (arrive 15 minutes early)
  • 1:00pm Lunch at The Cantina at Eldorado Polo Club (Polo Match starts at 12 & we are able to sit on the patio and watch- see above photo).
  • 6:30-11:30pm –Blue & White Argentine themed Party at Empire Polo Club (dressy casual); dinner and draft beer included, cash bar; must RSVP to by January 1, 2012 – $15 for non-players

SUNDAY, January 8, 2012

  • 10am Lesson from Kyle Fargey at Eldorado Polo Club– $95
  • 12:00pm Sunday Polo Match at Eldorado Polo Club (drinks and buffet lunch available for purchase)
  • 2:00pm Sunday Polo Match at Empire Polo Club & Hat Day  (drinks and casual lunch available for purchase)

Depart Sunday evening or Monday morning.

If you are interested in “Stick & Balling” or using Eldorado Polo Club’s Hitting Cage, it is $125/hour for an individual or $85/hour with group.

More information about Opening Weekend Events at Empire Polo Club, click here.

RSVP to Lindsey at by January 1, 2012.

Meet Ashton Wolf

He has 30 horses, 3 kids, 1 wife and a whole lot of love for polo.  In our opinion, Ashton has grown into a great team player, and often times you will hear him communicating with his team during play.  Having Ashton on your team may be your greatest asset.

How did you start playing polo?
I started grooming for Casablanca (an American team in San Diego) and took lessons with the White Family.  I picked it up quickly and soon became pro.

Have you ever had a bad injury?
(laughs) You name the bone, I’ve broken it.  Hand, wrist, cheek, nose, foot…

How did they happen?
Mostly from being bucked off.  But I played through the game.  You have to.

Is there any technique to falling off a horse?
Yea, don’t fall off.

What about finding a groom?  Do you have any advice?
Trial and error.  Everyone likes things a little different, so a good groom is taught by the horse’s owner or pro.

How many horses do you have?
30.   A lot of them are young and not ready to play polo yet.

Wow.  That must take up a lot of time.  What is your daily routine?
Wake up early, check on the horses, ride a few sets, chill and either play in the afternoon, stick and ball or ride again.

Where are you from?
My father is from Austria, but I’m from here (USA).  I’ve done a lot of traveling in Europe, Asia, etc.  My wife, Marisa, is from Guatemala, so we’ve traveled in Central America quite a bit.

Didn’t you just take a vacation?
Yea, to Thailand with my wife and kids.  It was gorgeous.  We went to the Philippines and Singapore too.

shton & Marisa

Ashton & Sophia

Ashton & Matias

Tell us about your kids.
Ana Sophia is 5, Matias will be 3 in a couple weeks and Isabella will be 1 in September.  Isabella is running the show.  They like to help me with the horses- feed, ride, or wrap their legs (mainly just Soph).  We are like any normal family- go to the beach, play outside, ride bikes, anything really.

You and Marisa seem pretty laid back.  It’s hard to imagine you have 3 kids and 30 horses!
My wife is amazing! Plus, we have tons of family and friends that love the kids as much as we do.  Everyone contributes to their lives.

Matias, Erika (soon to be Auntie), Sophia, Isabella, Uncle Coco (Marisa’s brother), Marisa.  Supporting Papa Ashton at Empire Polo Club.