Finals of USPA Spreckels Cup Ends 2012 SD Polo Season with Huge Success!

This past Sunday marked the celebrated USPA Spreckels Cup and Closing Day of the 2012 Polo Season!  While Sunday harbored bittersweet undertones, polo enthusiasts went out in style-literally.  Over 1300 guests adorned in 1920s, Gatsby attire we in attendance to cheer on the two competing teams of Hanalei Bay. Not only was last Sunday one of the biggest events of the season, but the San Diego Polo Club also hosted their second largest Sunday Polo crowd.

Season sponsor, Land Rover of San Diego also added to the lavish luxury of the afternoon by hosting an appreciation party in the Polo Pavilion.  In addition, guests were presented with samplers of Korbel’s California Champagne from the back of a Range Rover during the infamous Pretty Woman Divot Stomp.  SDPC’s partnership with Land Rover proved to be an advantageous one as two of the club’s members purchased Range Rovers that day!  Congrats on the new cars!

Anthony Ballard, a social member at SDPC, provided polo onlookers with a spirited performance of the National Anthem. Other musical guests on Sunday included Belly Up sponsored music by Crush Effect with live saxophone keys further cultivating the Gatsby-esque atmosphere.

Antique biplanes, old cars, and the Gatsby theme really brought out the comraderie and fun at the San Diego Polo Club!

While there was only one polo match on Sunday, fans were not deprived of a thrilling performance of athleticism, teamwork, and awe-inspiring horsemanship.  The first and only match of the day was a ten-goal competition featuring Hanalei Bay I versus Hanalei Bay II.  The tension and excitement in the air was tangible as SDPC’s President, Ron Bonaguidi went neck-in-neck against his wife Krista Bonaguidi for the coveted title of Spreckels Cup Champion.

Mariano Fassetta, of team Hanalei II, scored the first goal of the match.   Fassetta’s point was soon answered by Santiago Trotz of team Hanalei I.  Fassetta took advantage of the first chukker to prove he was a force to be reckoned with as he went on to single-handedly score an addition two goals for his team.  In comparison to the first, the second chukker was a quiet one as both teams regrouped and reevaluated their game plans. Marcos Bignoli and Santiago Trotz scored a goal apiece for Hanalei I ending the second chukker at Hanaeli I: 3, Hanalei II: 4.

Hanalei Bay II increased their lead by two points in the third chukker on behalf of Chris Collins Jr. and Mariano Fassetta.  In the fourth chukker, Hanalei II employed impressive defensive skills preventing Hanalei I from scoring a single point.  Hanalei Bay II took advantage of the fourth chukker to solidify their lead.  Mariano Fassetta started off the shooting spree by scoring two consecutive goals for Hanalei II followed by two points by Jared Sheldon and Chris Collins Jr.

Going into the fifth chukker, Hanalei II had a six-point lead on Hanalei I. While Chris Collins Jr. of Hanalei II scored the first goal of the chukker, Marcos Bignoli and Santeigo Trotz scored a goal apiece for Hanalei I.

The final chukker is always an enthralling one but this past Sunday, the sixth chukker took on an even more heartfelt meaning as both teams strived for the title of Spreckels Cup Champion.  With his eye on the prize, Chris Collins Jr. of Hanalei I scored two consecutive goals to start off the chukker.   Unwilling to hand over the victory, Patrick Uretz of Hanalei I answered Collins with two consecutive goals of his own.  While Marcos Bignoli scored the final concluding point of the day for Hanalei Bay I, ultimately it was Hanalei II who took the win and the recognition as USPA Spreckels Cup Champions- Hanalei I: 9, Hanalei II: 14.

Not only were the teams recognized for their talent at large but also Mariano Fassetta, of team Hanalei II, was decorated as the Most Valuable Player of the 2012 Polo Season.  Fassetta was presented with a $100 gift card to SDPC’s After Party Sponsor, Burlap.  In addition, the Best Playing Pony title was awarded (in the form of delectably crunchy carrots) to Pampeano owned by Santiago Trotz.

Thank you to everyone who made this one of the most memorable Summer Polo Seasons that San Diego has ever known!

More photos here.

Spreckels After Party

Not only are we celebrating the finals of the prestigious USPA Spreckels Cup, but we are celebrating another very successful summer season at the San Diego Polo Club.

Join us this Sunday evening for the Spreckels After Party at Burlap.  Our friends over at Burlap have whipped up a Polo Cocktail, which is simply divine.  For only $5, you can have as many lemony, minty, tasty spirits as you’d like and it won’t break the wallet.

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Join us for the Spreckels After Party at Burlap on Sunday!

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USPA Rossmore Cup Finals

The USPA Rossmore Cup Finals this past weekend, Sunday September 9th was a reverential day hosted in honor and appreciation of our service men and women. The San Diego Polo Club was honored to host Tender Loving Canines, a non-profit that provides assistance dogs to returned soldiers to help them acclimate back into civilian life.

During Intermission, the Poway Valley Vaulters performed amazing acrobatic feats on the backs of moving horses.  Equestrian Vaulting is an international sport that fuses together gymnastics and dance while cultivating astounding coordination, balance, teamwork, and creativity.

Musical performances on Sunday included the band Forty Nineteens and the National Anthem sung by the Equinox Members.  Mike Uretz of the Pacific Coast Handicap Committee performed the First Ball Throw In.

The first match of the day was a three-goal game featuring team San Fernando versus team San Judas. San Fernando started off the match strong scoring three goals in total, one on behalf of Roberto Estudillo and two on behalf of Diego Velarde.  Miguel Gomez wrapped up the first chukker with a point for his team San Judas.

In the second chukker, San Fernando proved they were a force to be reckoned with as team MVP, Diego Velarde scored three consecutive goals.  The second chukker ended at San Fernando 6, San Judas 3.   In the third chukker, both teams scored two goals apiece lead by Ramon Richard who fought to keep San Judas in the game.

In the fourth and final chukker, team San Fernando fought and successfully held on to their lead.  While Harrison Samaniego started off the chukker with two consecutive goals for team San Judas, it was ultimately team San Fernando that took the win with two final goals on behalf of Diego Velarde: San Fernando 10, San Judas 7.

The second match of the day was an action-packed demonstration of agility and excellent horsemanship.  The ten-goal game featured the teams of Twin Palms/Starmeadow and Hanalei Bay.  Marcos Bignoli of team Hanalei Bay started off the first chukker with a bang scoring two consecutive goals for his team, neither of which was answered by Twin Palms.

In the second chukker, Gaston VonWernich brought Twin Palms back into the game with two consecutive goals while Patrick Uretz, of team Hanalei Bay scored a goal wrapping up the second chukker: Twin Palms 2, Hanalei Bay 3.  In the third chukker, both teams were neck-in-neck scoring two goals each.

Graham Bray of team Twin Palms took advantage of the fourth chukker to even out the score by successfully making his team two goals. At the end of the fourth chukker the score settled at Twin Palms 6, Hanalei Bay 6.

If the match was gripping before, players had polo onlookers on the edges of their seats during the fifth chukker.  With a glimpse at victory, both teams fought to secure the win during the fifth chukker. While Graham Bray continued on to score yet another point for team Twin Palms, Santiago Trotz of team Hanalei Bay displayed supreme athleticism single-handedly scoring three goals.  Going into the sixth and final chukker the score of the match was Twin Palms 7, Hanalei Bay 9.

The sixth chukker began with a goal by Marcos Bignoli of team Hanalei Bay inching his team three points ahead of Twin Palms.  Soon after, Gaston VonWernich answered Bignoli’s point with a goal of his own.  Ultimately, it was Santiago Trotz who acquired the winning shot for Hanalei making the final score: Hanalei Bay 11, Twin Palms 8.  Marcos Bignoli was awarded MVP and Burlap presented him with a $100 gift card.

Come join us this coming Sunday, September 16th for the spirited Herradura Cup!  The Herradura Cup falls on Mexican Independence Day and will include a live 12-piece Mariachi band.  This weekend is also SDPC’s UC Alumni appreciation day and the Club will play host to the 2011 Miss San Diego titleholder, Marina Inserra.