Surf Cup Finals

This past Sunday was a great wrap-up to the first half of our 2011 season. The stands were packed for the Midsummer Surf Cup Finals! The feature match pitted Starmeadow/Hanalei against Tritech/La Pasion, with the latter squeaking out a win, 11-12. The match started out with a 3-0 handicap. For those of you who are still learning how a polo match is scored, the combined handicap of each team’s players should equal that of the opposing team. The more experienced players have a greater handicap. In the case of Sunday’s feature match, Starmeadow/Hanalei had a handicap of 7 and Tritech/La Pasion has a handicap of 10. To adjust for the difference, the match began with a score of 3-0. Tritech was able to overcome the deficit with the help of Gaston VonWernich who played stunningly, scoring 9 goals throughout the game, 4 of them in the 3rd chukker. Jesse Bray of team Starmeadow had a great match as well, scoring 4 points, outscoring his father, Graham Bray, who played for the same team and scored 2 goals toward the team’s total of 8.

San Diego Polo Club had some visitors from up north this Sunday when the Orange County Pony Club came to tailgate. At intermission, Gerardo, our school groom, demonstrated how to tack a polo pony to the Pony Club.

For the rest of the fans, they watched an intermission show of Flyball – a sport where teams of dogs demonstrate their athleticism as they compete to catch tennis balls in their mouths and race over hurdles.

Spectators stayed into the evening to listen to the eclectic sounds of the Sunday afterparty band, Fula Bula.

Don’t forget, Polo is going on a summer break for the next 3 weeks and will be back on August 14 for the Fernando Gutierrez Memorial Cup. For this match, SD Polo Club is thrilled to be partnering with TERI’s Theraputic Equestrian Program.

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