Meet Mariano Gutierrez.

He’s known in the polo world for his polo skills, but more importantly, he’s Britney Spears’ heart throb in the music video RADAR.  Check out the video below:


SD Polo: Tell us about the Radar video.  How did you get chosen to be the heart throb?
Gutierrez: I had nothing to do with it.  The producer looked at photos and chose me.  I thought I was going to be an extra.  I didn’t know I was the main guy until that day.  I thought it was just for polo.  Britney was really polite.  She was laughing a lot when we were taping and kept apologizing.

SD Polo: Have you done any previous acting or modeling?
Gutierrez: No but yes.  After the Radar video I was on a billboard in Argentina.  I was paid with wine.

SD Polo: Are you from Argentina? How long are your visits?
Gutierrez: Yes, I am from Buenos Aires.  I am usually there about 6 months out of the year, which is more than it used to be.

SD Polo: What do you do in Argentina?
Gutierrez: I love to play soccer and rugby.  I hang out with my family, play drums with my little brother and work at a skateboard shop.  I’m part owner.  We took this old building and fixed it up.  We put a skateboard ramp in the store and we have live music, parties and also sell skateboard clothing.

SD Polo: What about polo?  Do you want to play forever?
Gutierrez: Forever, no way.  Not as a job.  I want to do other stuff.  Maybe go back to school.  I went to law school in Argentina, but quit to play polo professionally.

SD Polo: How did you get involved in polo?
Gutierrez:  All 5 of my brothers play, but I am the only one who plays professionally.  I came to the United States in 2001 with my cousin, Miguel Gutierrez.  I started playing in San Diego in 2003, came back for 05, 06, 07 and now in 2011.  I’ve played for Rick and Robin Paicus for the past 5 years in Indio, CA and Aspen.

SD Polo:  Are you happy to be back in San Diego?
Gutierrez: Of course!  I love San Diego.  The people, the place and the enviroment.  It’s a fun place.

SD Polo: Last question: are you single?
Gutierrez: Yes!