What a FINE Day!

With over a thousand guests at the USPA Rossmore Cup presented by FINE Magazine, the charity, Kids Korps was sure to call it a success.  Silent Auction items included a signed guitar by the Rolling Stones and another by Paul McCartney, jewelry donated by CRUSH, artwork by Donna B and tons of other great items.  Kids from Kids Korps sold cupcakes and other goodies, while FINE Magazine guests enjoyed lunch and drinks in the VIP tent.

Special thanks to Jaguar Landrover of Carlsbad.  Liz Flowers, Suzanna Hoehn, and Maggie from Maggie B’s and Mister B’s.

Brittany Simpson and Leonard Simpson from KUSI’s Fashion Forward produced a stunning fashion show with over 40 models and 80 looks from local designers including Sharon Plache and Fairen Del.  Rouge did a fabulous job with make-up and hair.

In the feature match, Tritech/Princeps doned the jerseys of FINE Magazine and went up against team Monteverde.  Things started out slow in the first half of the match, but picked up the fourth chukker.  Gaston VonWernich had 6 goals that afternoon, Dirk Wray (subbing for Chris Maloney) had 2 and Ashton Wolf scored one, totaling 10 for FINE Magazine.

Matt Walker had 4 goals, Diego Cossio scored 2 in the 5th chukker, and David Samaniego scored one, totaling 7 for Monteverde.

Pink Army, a group of 3 teens from Kids Korps, performed pop-cover songs and rocked on stage for the Polo guests.  A DJ spun tunes shortly after the girls finished up.

Tritech/ Princeps wearing FINE Magazine jerseys
Alisha Wray (-1)
Ashton Wolf (3)
Gaston VonWernich (5)
Dirk Wray (0)
Total: 7 goals

Ellen Greenhill (0)
Matt Walker (3)
Diego Cossio (4)
David Samaniego (0)
Total: 7 goals

Surf Cup & Hat Day!

It was another exciting afternoon at San Diego Polo Club as crowds gathered for the annual Surf Cup.

In the first match, Kimo Huddleston (4) of Monteverde/Southwind had a stellar performance, surprising onlookers with a breakaway after a knock in, trapping an air ball and sailing it though the goal about 40-60 yards out.  With just 10 seconds left in the 2nd chuckker, his resulting goal tied the game at 4 to 4.

Miguel Gutierrez of team Hanalei Bay/Adeptus broke a quiet streak, scoring 3 goals in the match.  And Mariano Fassetta racked up 4 more goals in the second half to ultimately take his team to the trophy deck.

Alvaro Tadeo, at a diminutive 5’8” compensated for his stature with aggressive action on the field.  He scored 2 goals for team Monteverde/Southwind but it wasn’t enough to win the match – the team was outscored by team Hanalei Bay/Adeptus who came out on top, 10 to 8.

During intermission, Del Mar Hat Company produced a fun fashion show celebrating Hat Day at the San Diego Polo Club.  Models showed off hats big and small, just in time for the Race Season!

In the feature match, Tritech/La Pasion thought they had it in the bag during the first half of the game, winning 8 to 1 over San Judas/San Fernando.  But San Judas/San Fernando gave Tritech/La Pasion a run for their money in the final chukkers.  Ramon Richard and Roberto Estudillo scored 3 goals each.

Tracee Brunetti earned the ball well and scored 4 goals for team Tritech/La Pasion who won the match 12 to 8.

Guests mingled with the players during the Polo After Party and listened to the Bill Magee Blues Band.

The “Late Nite After Party” was held at Paradise Grille and sponsored by Mogl.

Pan-American Cup Finals/ 4th of July Celebration

The San Diego Polo Club celebrated Independence Day with two matches, golf cart polo, and live music by the Heat Showband.  With festive decorations, noise-makers, temporary tattoos and plenty of spirit, the guests had a wonderful time.

We started the day with a 9 chukker round robin match.  La Pasion/San Fernando came out on top over teams Tritech/Monteverde and Star Meadow/San Judas.  Roberto Estudillo of La Pasion/San Fernando scored a whopping 5 goals in 4 chukkers, Diego Cossio scored 3 goals, Charly Cendoya scored 1 goal, and Tracee Brunetti scored 1 goal, totaling 10 goals for the team.

During the intermission exhibition, fans were encouraged to join our players in a game of golf cart polo.  Inspired by her son’s win of the round robin match, Senora Estudillo had a fabulous time swinging the mallet on the golf cart.

The feature match between Adeptus/H2 and Southwind/Hanalei Bay was a fun one.  Jesse Bray (3) of Adeptus/H2 had a few killer shots, scoring 4 goals for his team.  Eyes are on Bray for the next few years, as he is only growing to be a stronger player.  Miguel Gutierrez (4) had 2 goals, and Colleen Wilson (0) scored 2 as well, totaling 8 for the team.

Southwind/Hanalei Bay, with a handicap of 2 above Adeptus/H2, won the Pan-American Cup on Sunday.  Star of the show, Mariano Fassetta (6) scored 10 goals alone.  Chris Collins (1) scored 3 goals, and Krista Bonaguidi (-1) scored an additional goal, racking the points up to 14.  The fourth member, Alvaro Tadeo (3), celebrated his win with his baby daughter, Valentina, on the trophy deck.

Krista Bonaguidi (-1), Chris Collins (1), Mariano Fassetta (6), Alvaro Tadeo (3)


After the classic pretty woman divot stomp, children under 12 participated in a watermelon eating contest.  Winner was Ian from San Diego and his sister came in second place!  Ian won a gift certificate to Geppetto’s Toy Store.

Music, drinks and dancing with the band Heat proved to be exciting, as the red, white and blue dressed members floated around the crowd and encouraged participation.

Opening Day Recap

On June 12, SPCD kicked off its 25th season in style with a fabulous day sponsored by Riviera Magazine, Ferrari & Maserati San Diego, and FLUXX nightclub.

We started out with two rousting matches.  In the first match, Tritech/Princeps triumphed over two other teams in the round robin match.  In the second match, Southwind/SanJudas came out on top with victory over Starmeadow/Adeptus.  Alvaro Tadeo scored 3 points in one chukker to take the win, scoring 4 points in total.  Other goals were scored by Guillermo Li (2) and Chris Collins (1).

Between matches, spectators enjoyed a fashion show produced by Ruth Melero of Melero Boutique, Ferrari parade showcasing the California, and Champagne Divot Stomp sponsored by Korbel.

A fan favorite, the divot stomp allowed guests to stretch their legs, take in the bi-planes loned up along the east side of the field, and drink complimentary Korbel California champagne.  The divot stomp is not only a fun social activitiy, but it helps replace the grass on the field.

During the matches, there was no death of food, from ChileCo’s ahi tacos to cake samples courtesy of Nothing Bundt Cakes.

The exciting day culminated with the 7th Chukker After Party sponsored by FLUXX with DJ and live trombone music.

Thank you everyone who made this day a success!  Join us this Sunday for a wonderful Father’s Day event.  The Rancho Santa Fe Cup Finals presented by Lincoln will feature “cigars and antique cars.”