San Fernando wins Fernando Gutierrez Memorial Tournament!


Fernando Gutierrez once played polo on the lush fields at the San Diego Polo Club with his brother-in-law, Roberto Estudillo.  After his passing, the Gutierrez and Estudillo families created a memorial tournament in his honor.  Roberto Estudillo has since named his team San Fernando, meaning “Saint Fernando.”  Fernando’s wife, and sister to Roberto, Monique Estudillo and son, Fernando (Fernandito) Gutierrez support this wonderful event annually.

The entire Estudillo Family was present, including their 101 year old Grandmother.  We are honored to welcome the family and friends of the Gutierrez & Estudillo families each year.


Senora Estudillo had the honor of throwing in the first ball to begin the final match of the Fernando Gutierrez Memorial Cup.


Things started off hot in the first chukker with Nick Mathers scoring 2 and Mariano Fassetta scoring 1 for Hanalei Bay/Sycamore.  Diego Velarde of Twin Palms/San Fernando scored 1.  By half time, the score was even 5 to 5.  Chris Maloney played a great game, scoring two on the afternoon for Twin Palms/San Fernando.

After half time, things really started heating up with back and forth goals throughout the last chukkers.  The 6th chukker proved to be an exciting one with Diego Velarde and Gaston VonWernich scoring 3 for Twin Palms/San Fernando and Ashton Wolf, Mariano Fassetta, and Krista Bonaguidi scoring 3 for Hanalei Bay/Sycamore.  The crowd was loving the cat and mouse game, each team chasing each other down the field.  The game went into over time.

In overtime, Twin Palms/San Fernando’s number 2 position, Diego Velarde took the ball to the goal and scored the winning team for Twin Palms/San Fernando!




Chris Maloney’s horse in the 4th chukker won Best Playing Pony.


During intermission earlier in the day, John Brokenshire of the Free Wheelchair Project introduced this fantastic charity.  The San Diego Polo Club was honored to welcome the Free Wheelchair Mission to our Sunday polo event.  After learning about the Free Wheelchair Mission and the inexpensive cost to literally lift spirits and lives, we knew we had to promote this charity in front of a large group of people.


Having Vietnamese wheelchair recipient, Lihn Nguyen in attendance was truly special for our audience and tugged on the heartstrings of many.  When you see the enthusiasm and passion behind the charity’s volunteers and staff, you know their mission is true and important.  We are thrilled the San Diego Polo Club helped save the lives of over 100 disadvantaged individuals and families across the globe.  There are some things you just know to be true in your heart, and this charity is one of them.



Through live and silent auction, we are able to donate 115 wheelchairs to those in need!

In addition to this absolutely fantastic day, Land Rover of San Diego display their luxury vehicles throughout the event.  Visit them and say hi to owner, Jason Puga for us!


We also had a HUGE crowd of Ivy League Alumni in attendance, especially from Harvard and MIT.  If you’d like to host an alumni mixer or event at SDPC, comment and let us know!Image

Thank you for a wonderful start to our season!  We’ll return on August 18 with Aloha Sunday, a fun, island-inspired family event.  If you can believe it, the best has yet to come!

2nd Annual Woodford Reserve Classic

What a nice Sunday for polo!  With temps in the high 70s, it was a good thing Woodford Reserve was crafting up icy cold cocktails for everyone to enjoy.


Woodford Reserve‘s guests enjoyed sipping on specialty cocktails including the classic mint julep, peach tea, and a twist on the classic old-fashioned, and munching on tasty tray-passed appetizers in the reserved Polo Pavilion.


The first match got started at 1pm with Adeptus/Sycamore vs. Twin Palms/San Fernando.  After healing up from a torn rotator cuff, Roberto Estudillo, made it back on the field for the match.  Dan Juarez started things off in the first chukker, scoring 1 goal for Adeptus/Sycamore and Diego Velarde of Twin Palms/San Fernando knocked a couple in for his team.  Those initial goals for Twin Palms/San Fernando were important for the team, as Adeptus/Sycamore trailed behind by 1 or 2 goals the length of the game.  Diego Velarde scored a high of 7 goals for Twin Palms/San Fernando, leading his team to victory.  Final score: 10 to 12, Twin Palms/San Fernando.

During intermission, rope charro, Miguel Sanchez of Encinitas, showed off his horsemanship and rope handling skills with a demonstration.


Land Rover of San Diego led the Parade of Teams for the feature match and finals of the Woodford Reserve Classic.  Christen Horne, graduate of Point Loma Nazarene, sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.


Woodford Reserve‘s Suzanne Brown threw in the first ball to start the match!  Kimo Huddleston scored the first goal for Hanalei/San Judas and teammate Mariano Fassetta also scored within the first chukker.  Team Woodford Reserve‘s defensive player, Graham Bray, showed off his skills and put one on the board for Woodford.  By half time, Woodford Reserve was down 1 goal.  In the 4th chukker, Ramon Richard and Mariano Fassetta scored for Hanalei Bay/San Judas, bringing up the lead 8 to 5. 


In the 5th chukker, Woodford Reserve turned up the heat and Colton Bancroft scored 2 goals, changing the pace of the entire game.  Hanalei Bay/San Judas could not get through to put any points on the board, but they still lead by 1.  In the 6th and final chukker, Woodford Reserve pulled out the big guns and put an additional 5 goals through, leading the team to victory.  Colton Bancroft played an exceptional game, as did Martin Ravina.


DJ P turned the tables at the 7th Chukker After Party, playing upbeat hits until sundown.



We’ll see you Sunday, July 21 for the Fernando Gutierrez Memorial Cup and Free Wheelchair Mission live auction!




Willis Allen Memorial Tournament & REINS Therapeutic Riding Program Fundraiser warmed the hearts of many!

Willis Allen Memorial Cup Invite

Since the San Diego Polo Club opened its doors in 1986, our fields have welcomed four generations of polo players from the Allen & Collins families and needless to say, they have been an integral part of this club. The family legacy of polo started with Willis Allen, who along with his son-in-law Harry Collins, played an instrumental role in the formation of the San Diego Polo Club. Over the years, Willis Allen, his son-in-law Harry, his grandson Chris and his great-grandson Chris Jr. have all played polo on our fields.

Collins family

The fifth weekend of polo at the San Diego Polo Club not only brought plenty of sunshine, but also some great polo for the playing of the Willis Allen Memorial Cup.  We celebrated Willis’ life and the Collins’ family legacy by welcoming REINS Therapeutic Riding Program as the beneficiary of the event.  Harry Collins is currently the oldest participant in the REINS Therapeutic Riding Program and the charity is very important to the family.


The 1:00pm match featured Monteverde-Adeptus versus Star Meadow-San Judas. The match got off to a fast start with Martin Ravina scoring two goals in the first chukker and Kimo Huddleston scoring two for StarMeadow-San Judas.  Ravina put a few more through the goal, resulting in a  Monteverde-Adeptus halftime lead of 7-5. Ramon Richard had a high score of 4 goals for StarMeadow-San Judas.  Despite both efforts, the match ended in a tie.  Martin Ravina had the most goals on the afternoon, totaling 8 for Monteverde-Adeptus.


During intermission, fans bid on silent auction items including a week long trip to Africa, a signed cowboy hat by Taylor Swift and more, all to benefit REINS Therapeutic Riding Program.  Debbie Shinner, executive director of REINS Therapeutic Riding Program, and JoHanna, one of REINS‘ youngest program participant,  produced a wonderful demonstration for the crowd.  Debbie explained how the therapeutic lessons encourage speech, help riders identify objects, and sequence multiple tasks, all the while on horseback.  JoHanna captured the hearts of the crowd by blowing kisses and riding her lesson pony.


After fans dried their eyes, we picked it up a little for an intermission exhibition from the Flyball Ballistics Racers. The Racers showed off their speed and agility thru series of obstacle courses.  Polo Player, Linda Drabova, and her dog Indie were the stars of the show!

Erin Thompson started the festivities with the singing of our National Anthem, followed by REINS Therapeutic Riding Program taking part in the ceremonial first ball throw.


The 3:00pm match between Hanalei-San Fernando and Twin Palms-Sycamore provided a back and forth seesaw afternoon of polo. Chris Maloney and Ashton Wolf did their jobs, scoring three goals each, to help lead Twin Palms-Sycamore to victory.


The Collins Family presented trophies to the winners and celebrated a wonderful day with family and the fans.

Spectators enjoyed post game entertainment from Tiffany Jane, a San Diego songstress singin’ the blues.

Big thanks to Willis Allen, The Collins Family, REINS Therapeutic Riding Program, Ballistic Racers Flyball Team, Tiffany Jane, Erin Thompson, Three Dog Bakery, and Caracol Silver for coming out to share their Sunday with us.

We look forward to seeing everyone out for the action next week at the Woodford Reserve Classic.