Spreckels After Party

Not only are we celebrating the finals of the prestigious USPA Spreckels Cup, but we are celebrating another very successful summer season at the San Diego Polo Club.

Join us this Sunday evening for the Spreckels After Party at Burlap.  Our friends over at Burlap have whipped up a Polo Cocktail, which is simply divine.  For only $5, you can have as many lemony, minty, tasty spirits as you’d like and it won’t break the wallet.

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Join us for the Spreckels After Party at Burlap on Sunday!

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Meet Colton Bancroft.

Meet Colton Bancroft.

SDPC: Colton, you probably get asked this a lot but, why polo?

Bancroft: I love polo because there is no other sport like it. I started playing when I was 10 and haven’t stopped since. I love it.

SDPC: Do you have any rituals you perform before a match?

Bancroft: Not really, I always try to stay relaxed before a big game.

SDPC: How do you feel about playing in front of such a large crowd on Polo Sundays?

Bancroft: I love having the crowd there, however, when I am playing I do my best to just ignore them.

SDPC: Tell us about your horses! Any funny memories or stories come to mind?

Bancroft: I love every one of my horses and i am so grateful to be able to play them.

SDPC: When you aren’t on the field, what other hobbies or sports interest you?

Bancroft: I play lacrosse for my high school, but polo is much more serious for me.

SDPC: You and Jesse Bray are good friends, how long have you two been playing polo together and how did you first meet?

Bancroft: Haha, I met Jesse on the field when I was 12 and we have been playing ever since. He and his dad, Graham Bray, have taught me everything I know.

SDPC:  Were you born and raised in San Diego? If so, what is your favorite way to spend a “day off” here?

Bancroft: I was born in Utah, but I was raised in San Diego.  I love to go to the beach or hang out with friends.

SDPC: Do you have any long-term aspirations for your polo career? If so, tell us about them!

Bancroft: I would love to eventually go pro and get paid to do what I love.

SDPC: With this year’s summer polo season winding down and school starting back up, what gets you most excited looking forward to the 2013 polo season and your upcoming school year?

Bancroft: I can’t wait for next season. In the mean time, I will focus on my grades and practice polo as much as I can so that I am ready for next season.

SDPC: What is one of the most important lessons you have learned either from playing polo or your fellow players?

The most important lesson I have leaned from polo is to be grateful for everything I have and never take any of it for granted. I am extremely lucky to be able to do what i do.

A Perfect Pitch Polo presented by Giving Back Magazine

This past Sunday, September 23rd was an important day of polo in determining which teams will advance on to play in next weeks USPA Spreckels Cup Finals.  In addition, the San Diego Polo Club played host to Giving Back Magazine who held a silent auction, the proceeds of which were raised in support of the San Diego Opera and Symphony.  Guests were presented with the opportunity to bid on and win luxury prizes such as two American Airlines round trip coach tickets for travel in 48 contiguous states, two night stay including one round of golf at the Doubletree Golf Resort of San Diego, and two season subscriptions for San Diego Symphony City Lights Winter Concert Series.

The San Diego Symphony presented polo guests with a reverential musical accompaniment to the parade march while the Hoehn Mercedes luxury car led the parade of teams.  Priti Gandhi, of the San Diego Opera, sang a magnificent rendition of the National Anthem.  Also in attendance was Dana Pardee of Tiffany & Co who presented the winning teams with beer mugs and a perpetual trophy for SDPC.

Starting off the day were the teams of Twin Palms/Starmeadow versus Hanalei Bay who took to the field for the ten-goal match that would determine which team would still be in the running for the Spreckels Cup Finals.  Scoring the first goal of the day was Gaston VonWernich quickly followed by a goal by Hanalei Bay’s Patrick Uretz.  By the end of the first chukker, Twin Palms had the lead,  3:2.

In the second chukker, both teams proved they wouldn’t give up their chance at the Spreckels Cup Finals without a fight. While Colton Bancroft and Graham Bray of team Twin Palms started off the chukker with a goal apiece, Santiago Trotz single handedly scored two goals himself.  Both Twin Palms and Hanalei Bay remained neck-in-neck.

Twin Palms utilized excellent defense and took advantage of the third chukker to solidify their lead.  Preventing Hanalei Bay from scoring the entire third chukker, Graham Bray advanced Twin Palm’s lead, 8:5.

The fourth chukker was a gripping one as Marco Bignoli of Hanalei Bay displayed impressive athleticism and horsemanship scoring three consecutive goals followed by an additional goal on behalf of his fellow teammate, Patrick Uretz.  In a single chukker, Hanalei Bay managed to acquire the lead, 9:8.  While Colton Bancroft was able to score a point for Twin Palms at the beginning of the fifth chukker, Hanalei continued their shooting spree acquiring an additional 3 goals.

Going into the sixth and final chukker, Twin Palms was trailing Hanalei by a mere three goals.  With the Spreckels Cup Finals still in their sights, team Twin Palms scored three consecutive points on behalf of Gaston VonWernich and Chris Maloney tying the match at twelve points apiece. The sixth chukker had polo onlookers on the edges of their seats as Santiago Trotz of Hanalei Bay ultimately scored the final goal securing the win and subsequent advancement of his team in the pursuit of the coveted Spreckels Cup.

The second match of the day featured the three-goal teams of West Coast Aero Space versus San Judas.  David Samaniego of team San Judas scored the first goal.  Two additional points were quickly scored on behalf of fellow San Judas teammates, Harrison Samaniego and Jared Sheldon. At the end of the first chukker, San Judas held the lead 3:0.

In the second chukker, West Coast Aero Space rose to the occasion in an excellent display of offense scoring three goals by Kimo Huddleston and Jake Brumby bringing West Coast within one goal of the lead.  Not willing to let West Coast get ahead, San Judas increased their lead wrapping up the third chukker, West Coast: 4, San Judas: 7.

In the fourth and final chukker, Harrison Samaneigo proved himself to be the MVP of San Judas single handedly scoring three consecutive goals to West Coast’s one securing the win: West Coast 5, San Judas 10.

Closing Day is this coming Sunday! Just because the Summer 2012 Polo Season is coming to a close doesn’t mean the fun stops.  This particular polo Sunday will be Gatsby themed so come dressed to impress for a weekend of 1920’s frivolity and luxury.  Also, come out to show support for one of SDPC’s partners, TERI Inc. who will be holding a fundraiser to further promote their mission to improve the quality of life for individuals with both developmental and learning disabilities.  Representatives from Valitar will also be in attendance Sunday. Starting November 16, come to the Del Mar Fairgrounds to witness a spectacular, enthralling performance of mythical proportions including over 45 breeds of horses.

Special Events at the San Diego Polo Club


With polo season coming to an end, you might find yourself missing the sound of hooves thundering down the green at the San Diego Polo Club, or The Wild Thyme Company’s tasty eats and sweet treats.

Luckily, we host intimate polo events throughout the off-season.  We work with various companies to create a memorable afternoon for your guests, whether it’s watching a sunset polo match under a large white canopy, or high-fiving after a round of golf cart polo.


The San Diego Polo Club is host to various corporate and social events, lacrosse, soccer, cricket, and rugby sporting events, as well as various fundraisers.


We work closely with The Wild Thyme Company’s passionate team of foodies to offer full-service catering, so whether you are hosting a polo inspired cocktail party or corporate outing (even a wedding or holiday party!), they would love to bring their handcrafted cuisine to your next special event!


To speak to our staff about planning your next event, give Lindsey a ring at 858-481-9217 or email .

For more information about catering, call Megan today (858-527-0226) and follow Wild Thyme on facebook for daily mouth-watering culinary surprises!

Herradura Cup

This past Sunday, September 16th marked Mexican Independence Day and we celebrated with the Herradura Cup hosted by San Diego Polo Club’s season sponsor Brown-Forman.  Guests were treated with tastings and drinks featuring Herradura Tequila, made from 100% naturally fermented agave and crafted authentically in haciendas since 1870.  The atmosphere of the spirited afternoon was complete with a twelve-piece Mariachi band from Chula Vista.

Ed Carias, Tequila Marketing Manager of Brown-Forman, conducted trophy presentations. The first place team of the classic was awarded with Herradura Reposado and the second place team was given Herradura Silver.  Reposado is aged for nine months longer than its category standard giving the liquor a rich copper hue and a decadently smooth taste.  Herradura Silver is the ideal ingredient for the ultimate margarita as it is a delectable amalgamation of citrus and agave flavors.

Sunday also served as an appreciation day for UC Alumni from all over the state. In addition, SDPC also played host to Miss San Diego and Miss County of San Diego, Anna Mason who delivered a beautiful performance of the National Anthem.  Barbara Jacobs, owner of Edison in Los Angeles, carried out the first ball throw in and hosted guests in the Herradura Pavilion.  Musical performances on Polo Sunday included the talented David Maldonado.

The first match of the Herradura Classic was a ten-goal match featuring team Trinity versus Team Hanalei Bay.  Santiego Trotz of team Hanalei Bay started off the match with the first goal of the game scored on behalf of Hanalei Bay.  Trotz’s point was soon followed by an additional goal for Hanalei scored by young player, Patrick Uretz.  Team Trinity was unable to answer Hanalei’s lead and the first chukker came to a close with team Trinity: 0, Hanalei Bay: 2.

The second chukker proceeded the first chukker in much the same manner.  Santiego Trotz proved himself to be Hanalei Bay’s MVP going on to score an additional two goals followed by a goal on behalf of Marcos Bignoli.  While Hanalei Bay was able to advance their lead by three goals, team Trinity closed the second chukker unable to score a goal on Hanalei.

Team Trinity took advantage of the third and fourth chukkers to make their move scoring their first two goals of the match by Rick Paicius and Artie Cameron.  The fourth chukker ended Trinity: 2, Hanalei Bay: 8.

Team Trinity utilized successful defense tactics in the fifth chukker preventing team Hanalei from scoring.   Mariano Gutierrez and Tim Rudy rose to the occasion scoring Trinity a goal apiece.  The fifth chukker ended at Trinity: 4, Hanalei: 8.

In the sixth and final chukker of the match, team Trinity fought for the win engaging Hanalei in an intense shoot out demonstrating excellent athleticism and teamwork.  Patrick Uretz of Hanalei scored the first goal of the chukker quickly answered by Rick Paicius of team Trinity.  Tim Rudy went on to advance Trinity by a point only to be returned by a goal on behalf of Marcos Bignoli. Ultimately, it was Mariano Gutierrez of team Trinity that scored the final goal of the chukker giving Hanalei Bay the win with a total of 10 points to Trinity’s 7.

The second match of the day was the tournament’s ten goal finals featuring Tequila Herradura (Twin Palms/StarMeadow) versus Hanalei Bay.  This match was an engrossing one as the score board reached some of the highest numbers of the season.  Gaston VonWernich of team Tequila Herradura scored the first goal of the game quickly answered by Jared Sheldon of Team Hanalei.  Both teams were matched for skill as reflected in the score at the end of the first chukker, Tequila Herradura: 2, Hanalei: 2.

While Tequila Herradura started off the match strong, they fell silent in the second and third chukkers as team Hanalei took to the offensive.  Both Mariano Fassetta and Chris Collins Jr. proved them selves to be valuable assets for Hanalei scoring a goal each in both the second and third chukker.  Going into the fourth chukker, the score was Tequila Herradura: 2, Hanalei: 7.

The fourth chukker was an impressive exhibition of talent as both teams refused to give the other any leeway.  Mariano Fassetta started off the chukker with a goal for Hanalei Bay sparking a charge on goal for Tequila Herradura who scored two points on behalf of Gaston VonWernich and Chris Maloney.  Ultimately, both teams were neck-in-neck throughout the fourth chukker scoring three goals apiece wrapping up the chukker with Tequila Herradura: 5, Hanalei bay: 10.

The fifth chukker proved to be the most riveting yet.  While Gaston VonWernich single handedly scored two goals for Tequila Herradura, Mariano Fassetta was ignited scoring three consecutive goals for Hanalei followed by an additional goal by Chris Maloney Jr. Going into the sixth and final chukker, the score was Tequila Herradura: 7, Hanalei Bay: 14.

In a surprising turn of events, Twin Palms took advantage of the sixth chukker to silence Hanalei Bay, making one final attempt at the win.  While team Hanalei failed to score a single goal in the sixth chukker, Colton Bancroft, Graham Bray, and Gaston VonWernich scored a goal each wrapping up the chukker at Tequila Herradura: 10, Hanalei Bay: 14.

If you missed the fun this past Sunday, join us this weekend for the USPA Spreckels Cup hosted by Giving Back Magazine.  The match will benefit the San Diego Symphony and the San Diego Opera.  The Spreckles Cup is held annually in commemoration of John D. Spreckels who first discovered polo in the late 1800’s.  The first Spreckels Cup was inaugurated in 1909 and, since it rediscovery in 1988, has been played for and revered ever since.

Hendrick’s Gin-A Delightfully Curious Balloon Launch at SDPC

This past Monday at The Club, the fun didn’t stop after Sunday polo! The San Diego Polo Club played host to the rather whimsical Hendrick’s Gin for a night of curious frivolity surrounding the unveiling of the eccentric brand’s first ever hot air balloon.  Hendrick’s gin is far from the ordinary as each batch is made in small, controlled quantities to ensure a perfect infusion of both rose and cucumber.   This Scottish distilled gin took aficionados to new heights in their ever-peculiar hot air balloon while setting the world record for the highest cocktail shaken midflight.  Once at the San Diego Polo Club, the Hendrick’s balloon, equipped with an on deck bar, offered tethered rides to guests.

In addition to delightfully jovial balloon rides, guests were also served wonderfully crafted Hendrick’s concoctions, fondly referred to as tipples.  The Polo Pavilion emanated the enigmatic atmosphere of the night with servers decked out in era-appropriate suspenders and top hats complete with antique furniture and trunks.  Onlookers sipped on marvelously garnished preparations such as The Aviation and Hendrick’s and Tonic while watching a captivating polo demonstration of agility, athleticism, and horsemanship by The Club’s Kimo Huddleston.  

The night didn’t stop with the setting sun; rather guests took to the field in spirited matches of golf cart polo.  To augment the festivities, The Club’s professional polo players were behind the wheel driving Hendrick’s guests in a rambunctious manner up and down the polo field.

Hendrick’s gin is undeniably a brand that prides itself on being mindful of even the most minute of details as was reflected in this high-spirited event of whimsical proportions.  The San Diego Polo Club was delighted to play host to such a creative, imaginative, ingenious brand.  In fact, SDPC coordinates special events all year along. If you are interested, please contact us at for more information!

Meet Colleen Wilson.


Meet Colleen Wilson of team Adeptus, and Vice President of the San Diego Polo Club!

Colleen is known in the equestrian world as Dr. Wilson, or the “Horse Lady,” due to her popular horse, animal and human supplement line, Adeptus.  Dr. Colleen is a Ph.D. nutritionist/physiologist, as well as a life long avid equestrian and pet owner.  Dr. Wilson is one of the only physiologists that has patented her own scientifically based Adeptus® products and offers consultations to clients on a regular basis.

Dr. Colleen’s Adeptus products are well known in the horse and pet community, and as her Health & Beauty line for humans develop, we’ll be sure to hear more wonderful things about her products.


Oh, did we mention she and her dog model from time to time?  Just kidding!

A few tidbits we didn’t know about Colleen Wilson:

1.    I was an Associate Dean and Professor after I finished my PhD.

2.    I eat dark chocolate twice a day and 3 Brazil nuts a day.

3.    My only addictions are horses and polo.

4.    I love going to concerts. My favorite was the Eagles in 2010.

5.    I love sitting by the tack room with Stu on my lap and listening to the horses munch hay.

6.    My favorite pre-game breakfast is blueberry buckwheat pancakes.

7.    I used to play hockey with my brothers, and gladly played goalie while they took slap shots at me.

8.    I used to have a pet goose named Gus. Now I have 8 horses and a dog.

9.    I love the smell of flowering honeysuckle trees.

10. My most loyal and trustworthy boyfriend ever is Stu (my dog).


USPA Rossmore Cup Finals

The USPA Rossmore Cup Finals this past weekend, Sunday September 9th was a reverential day hosted in honor and appreciation of our service men and women. The San Diego Polo Club was honored to host Tender Loving Canines, a non-profit that provides assistance dogs to returned soldiers to help them acclimate back into civilian life.

During Intermission, the Poway Valley Vaulters performed amazing acrobatic feats on the backs of moving horses.  Equestrian Vaulting is an international sport that fuses together gymnastics and dance while cultivating astounding coordination, balance, teamwork, and creativity.

Musical performances on Sunday included the band Forty Nineteens and the National Anthem sung by the Equinox Members.  Mike Uretz of the Pacific Coast Handicap Committee performed the First Ball Throw In.

The first match of the day was a three-goal game featuring team San Fernando versus team San Judas. San Fernando started off the match strong scoring three goals in total, one on behalf of Roberto Estudillo and two on behalf of Diego Velarde.  Miguel Gomez wrapped up the first chukker with a point for his team San Judas.

In the second chukker, San Fernando proved they were a force to be reckoned with as team MVP, Diego Velarde scored three consecutive goals.  The second chukker ended at San Fernando 6, San Judas 3.   In the third chukker, both teams scored two goals apiece lead by Ramon Richard who fought to keep San Judas in the game.

In the fourth and final chukker, team San Fernando fought and successfully held on to their lead.  While Harrison Samaniego started off the chukker with two consecutive goals for team San Judas, it was ultimately team San Fernando that took the win with two final goals on behalf of Diego Velarde: San Fernando 10, San Judas 7.

The second match of the day was an action-packed demonstration of agility and excellent horsemanship.  The ten-goal game featured the teams of Twin Palms/Starmeadow and Hanalei Bay.  Marcos Bignoli of team Hanalei Bay started off the first chukker with a bang scoring two consecutive goals for his team, neither of which was answered by Twin Palms.

In the second chukker, Gaston VonWernich brought Twin Palms back into the game with two consecutive goals while Patrick Uretz, of team Hanalei Bay scored a goal wrapping up the second chukker: Twin Palms 2, Hanalei Bay 3.  In the third chukker, both teams were neck-in-neck scoring two goals each.

Graham Bray of team Twin Palms took advantage of the fourth chukker to even out the score by successfully making his team two goals. At the end of the fourth chukker the score settled at Twin Palms 6, Hanalei Bay 6.

If the match was gripping before, players had polo onlookers on the edges of their seats during the fifth chukker.  With a glimpse at victory, both teams fought to secure the win during the fifth chukker. While Graham Bray continued on to score yet another point for team Twin Palms, Santiago Trotz of team Hanalei Bay displayed supreme athleticism single-handedly scoring three goals.  Going into the sixth and final chukker the score of the match was Twin Palms 7, Hanalei Bay 9.

The sixth chukker began with a goal by Marcos Bignoli of team Hanalei Bay inching his team three points ahead of Twin Palms.  Soon after, Gaston VonWernich answered Bignoli’s point with a goal of his own.  Ultimately, it was Santiago Trotz who acquired the winning shot for Hanalei making the final score: Hanalei Bay 11, Twin Palms 8.  Marcos Bignoli was awarded MVP and Burlap presented him with a $100 gift card.

Come join us this coming Sunday, September 16th for the spirited Herradura Cup!  The Herradura Cup falls on Mexican Independence Day and will include a live 12-piece Mariachi band.  This weekend is also SDPC’s UC Alumni appreciation day and the Club will play host to the 2011 Miss San Diego titleholder, Marina Inserra.

Meet Dirk Wray.

How does small town entrepreneurial kid from Michigan end up playing the Sport of Kings on the graced shores and World renown San Diego Polo Club?

After advance international degrees, corporate and Wall Street stints; advising many leaders including sovereign leaders, Dirk by accident insulted a member of the British aristocracy when he said, “You’re full of manure, they don’t play polo on Elephants!” Which resulted in a honor challenge to play on the Brit’s team the following month in then war torn Sri Lanka.

From his mixed martial arts and various sports background, Dirk surprised all by becoming the high goaler of the tournament; and, when asked which polo club he played at as a professional, he had to confessed to never riding a horse!

Back home in SoCal Dirk ventured to try his luck at the famed SDPC arena and on the third attempt met fate head on. Her name: Alisha. A local SD model beauty and competitive long time hunter jumper that “saw the light” and was “reborn” a polo player. The then single’s first match in the arena lead to a show of chivalry; that later lead to Dirk calling Alisha to ask her where she got her polo boots (nice line Dirk – Where there is a Wray; there is a Way!). Passionate love ever since and one of the rare couples in polo that can play the game together and win!

After a great nine years at the club, Dirk and Alisha hope that you will support the Club’s efforts to keep the 100+ year tradition of the oldest sport in history in San Diego. The couple’s businesses and charities are economic development focused: supporting health care, education, agriculture, water and energy in many countries, including the great U.S.A!