What to Wear to a Polo Match

At any polo match, you’ll find a diverse selection of outfits, from flip flops to stilettos. The traditional style of polo attire is clean, elegant, simple and light, both in fabric and in color. Below are some fun tips to help you decide what to wear to a match!

Your outfit may change depending on where you are watching the match. In the VIP tent, guests go all out with light linen suits and beautiful dresses.

  • Many men wear khaki or colored pants, a crisp collared shirt and sport coat (depending on the weather).
  • Women wear dresses or slacks and a blouse.
  • Footwear should be comfortable. ┬áSandals, sneakers, loafers, boots are all acceptable. ┬áLadies, skip the stiletto and opt for a wedge or flat. ┬áThere is grass all over the premises, your heels will sink right in.

If you are tailgating from the back of your car, you’ll notice a much more casual atmosphere.

  • Often times men and women wear shorts, cotton dresses, flip flops, and even jeans.
  • If you are tailgating, bring a large hat, as the sun can be harsh.

When choosing an outfit for a polo match, keep in mind polo is an outdoor sport and weather will be a factor, but most of all, have fun and be yourself.